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Finding Freedom [In Production]

Half-Life: Stasis
Half-Life fanfiction
1k One-Shot
Summary: Summarising a 1k? Madness! Whatever, this takes place between HL1 and HL2, while Gordon is floating in nothingness of G-Man's "stasis" and pondering his life and recent events while waiting for his assignment. Pointless, I know, but I felt like writing a little something after finishing HL2 and writing a review for my blog.
Finished: November 2005

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Episode Zero
Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction
~5000 words x 02 eps
Summary: Doctor Gerald Robotnik fights to create the ultimate form of life, but his disregard for ethics lands him on hot water with the government. With his self-aware creations now without his guidance, how will they cope with life? Are these "evolved beings" that much better than the real thing? A dark Sonic-themed story that weaves a story of scientific ethics, the constitution of life, searching for self, and meddling in God's domain.
Special Features: Parts 03 and 04 (limited release): 03, which shows the transport of Angel Island into the past, a key element in the story that also ties it in with the upcoming FFoM. 04, a deleted scene that shows the death of Maria Robotnik, and ends the short story on a sad note.
CONTENT WARNINGS: PG-13 [Strong Language, Some Violence, Mild Sexual Content]
Finished: Spring 2005

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  Part 01
  Part 02
  Part 03
  Part 04
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