The Freedom Fighters Saga

Sonic the Hedgehog Neo Redux


What's a "Neo Redux"?


Episode Zero
~5000 words x 02 eps
Summary: Doctor Gerald Robotnik fights to create the ultimate form of life, but his disregard for ethics lands him on hot water with the government. With his self-aware creations now without his guidance, how will they cope with life? Are these "evolved beings" that much better than the real thing? A dark Sonic-themed story that weaves a story of scientific ethics, the constitution of life, searching for self, and meddling in God's domain.
Special Features: Parts 03 and 04 (limited release): 03, which shows the transport of Angel Island into the past, a key element in the story that also ties it in with the upcoming FFoM. 04, a deleted scene that shows the death of Maria Robotnik, and ends the short story on a sad note.
CONTENT WARNINGS: PG-13 [Strong Language, Some Violence, Mild Sexual Content]
Finished: Spring 2005

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Finding Freedom
~5000 words x 13 episodes
Summary: A military dictatorship spearheaded by Ivo Robotnik has turned the kingdom of Regeia completely on its ear. Its citizens enslaved, and a forced regime of technological evolution keeping fear hanging over everyone's heads, who will fight back against the Machiniks? A resistance cell led by Antoine Belmont de Coolette manufactures the rescue of the Princess of Regeia, Sallis Kastille, who rallies the freedom fighters for their battle against oppression. But Robotnik has a new secret weapon against the thorn in his side: the MECORTIS procedure, with which he can turn anyone he chooses into a mindless robotic drone. Carries an air of cyberpunk mixed with a "Robin Hood" element, this story explores the battle of spirituality versus technology.
In production. Release: Summer 2006.