Anarkè is a set of guidelines for collaborative storytelling, commonly called "role-playing" or a "role-playing game." What sets Anarkè apart is its philosophical approach to the activity of role-playing, one that challenges those involved to "think outside the book" and make up the rules as they go along, not be dictated to by a thick hardcover book that imposes its own ideas of balance and order on the players.

Put simply, Anarkè is a statless, diceless, formless role-playing philosophy. It can be used on its own, or adapted to your group's preferred system. But one thing is for sure, once you delve into the pages of Anarkè, it will forever change the way you view your hobby.

Anarkè Skeletal is a stripped-down form of the philosophy, and serves as a quick step-by-step of putting a role-playing story together.
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The Anarkè Philosophy is the expanded form, and covers by way of a deep narrative all the different aspects of role-playing, what the "problem" is with the current waves of hardcover rulebooks, and how your group can create and enjoy role-playing as it was meant to be.