ANTIPODE: The Long and Short of It

Here’s just a brief introduction, so as not to bore you to tears. My name is Adam Czech (à-dum chèk) and I am 20 years old (born 11 January, 1986). Online I go by the name Antipode (àn-tih-pohd) or Antipode Evangel, if you prefer. I’m one of those talented people with a very short attention span, so my creativity is spread out over many different areas. In the past, I have dabbled in writing, art, music, music composition, trading card game creation, roleplaying game creation, computer programming, video game creation, graphic design, and (now, because of this website) web design. I intend to use all of these skills in the future by starting an independent computer game company, but that will have to wait until at least after college. Regardless of all that, my first love will always be writing. I’ve seriously pursued my writing career for the past three to five years, and have amassed a small library of unfinished projects, which is the main purpose of this site. I graciously ask you to take a look around at my previous work, maybe give me some pointers if you’re a writer yourself, or at the very least give out some encouragement for my efforts in the future.

Adam currently lives in Nashville, TN, with his wife of less than a year, Meka, their 0 children, and Meka's brother, William.

If you wish to contact me, my primary email address is Antipode(at)CrystalPlains(dot)net. Alternate means of communication can be found here.